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Prepare for a successful high school journey with our recommended back-to-school supplies.

However, some supply needs may vary by class/grade/teacher. It is recommended to wait until further information is delivered to your child to purchase exactly what is needed. 

Back-to-School Supply list for High School

The Basics

  • Backpack, Student ID, MetroCard (to be provided by the school)

  • Charging Cable for your device(s)

  • No. 2 pencils

  • Mechanical pencils

  • Colored pencils

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Large pink erasers

  • Ballpoint pens (Get a couple with red, green, or purple ink, too, because some teachers have students do peer

  • editing.)

  • Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper — most ask that students use the college-ruled variety.)

  • Ruler with English and metric measurements

  • Protractor and compass

  • TI 84 Graphing Calculator and Scientific Calculator

Organizational helpers

  • Several three-ring binders (Some teachers require that a binder be used exclusively for their class.) You may want to use Red for Math, Blue for History, Green for Science, etc.

  • Color Coded Divider Tab Inserts for 3-ring binder

  • Three-hole punch (a regular one or one that fits in a three-ring binder)

  • Pencil case that fits in a binder

  • Trapper Style Pocket folders that fit in binders

  • Calendar or planner for scheduling or recording assignments

Study aids

  • Index cards, ruled and blank (These are great for making flash cards.)

  • Highlighters

  • Craft and creative materials

  • Drawing paper

  • Construction paper

  • Glue sticks

  • Scotch tape

  • Stapler (Best is a mini stapler, which is easily portable, for last minute stapling emergencies!)

  • Scissors

  • Markers

Home Tech supplies

  • Portable USB storage drive

  • Reliable Internet Connection 

  • Headphones

  • Mouse and keyboard

Nice-to-have supplies for high school

  • Printer for documents and assignments

  • Reusable water bottle (We have Filtered Water Stations on Each Floor!) 

It is recommended that all students obtain a TI-84 series calculator for their time in High School.  This calculator is essential for math curriculum in high school and college. 

This model is available with most online and in-person retail stores.

Math Technology


HSES is a 1:1 Chromebook school.  Access to this technology provides students a direct connection to their assignments, research, and allows for a more equitable and supportive time in High School.

Students are issued a device and charger at the start of their 9th grade year and continue with devices through 12th grade.

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